Of Innocence and War

by Rapid Dominance

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Hyllis I'm not a huge fan of the singer, but still, this is a really nice 50mn piece of good Tech Metal.
The personal touch in the lyrics also makes the album interesting.
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''Of Innocence of War'' is a story based on true events from the frontman’s hometown ''Baghdad" about three friends growing up in warzone set against the background of recent historical events, dealing with subjects such as Insanity, death, exile and the outcome of war.


released July 31, 2015

All lyrics & music are written, composed and recorded by Rapid Dominance.
Mixed and Produced by Marco Angioni of Death Island Studio.
Artwork by Obscure artworks.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Rapid Dominance Denmark

Offical Music Video www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRuGQOaYtLs
Rapid Dominance was formed in the small town of Silkeborg, Denmark in 2010 when Iraqi
guitarist/vocalist Adel Haley met drummer Asmus Høyrup. RD released 2 critically acclaimed EP's, played festivals & a tour in Denmark and was nominated for best ''metal band award'' in 2012, LP release & concerts are planned for 2015.
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Track Name: Shock and Awe
Silence echoing
Through the city’s streets
The noose is tightening
The tyrant’s end is near
Weapons of mass destruction must
Be dismantled now
Promise of freedom and prosperous life
Starts with a preemptive strike
Starts with... War
Engulfed in flames
Of raging inferno
The place I call home
Burns in shock and awe
Truth has become
The first causality
Of bombardment that never stops
In days of reckoning
It’s all right she said just hold my hand
Not us not our my family
Don’t you cry my little one
a mother calms her child
they perished in... war
after the storm comes a haze
of destruction and decay
through it all we carry on looking for a better day
aspiring to achieve our dreams in a life without fear
the darkest night
has turned so bright
in my eyes as I vow
to heal the wounds
and reconstruct
the place where I've been born and raised
From underneath T
his despair
A ray of hope shines through me
Track Name: Indoctrinated Youth
A new beginning in
an ancient land

A story to be told
The lives and struggle of
Three new souls

Into this world
We are born
With decisions to make
Shaping our path
Thrown into uncertainty
What choice do we have?
What determines our lives?

We grow as the years pass but we knew
who we are
Creating a safe shelter
Best friends, for all time
Life has just begun

‘’ recite his divine words, we follow our supreme leader and our signal party state, you must Stand in line, He will save us, those who betray him will be severely punished, you must listen, you must abide and you will surrender your thoughts!’’

‘’ reach into the depths of your mind, you were born free, break the shackles, see through your lies, see through your faulty logic, be free’’

Cradle of civilization
Has fallen prey to a tyrant
Bear witness to the indoctrination
Beware! don’t stray from the herd, raised in fear

Controlled masses live in fear
Of torture and mass graves
Yet oppression could not steal
Our childhood’s innocence

Pass your fear
I’ll carry it
With me

The saga unfolds
Of innocence and war
Track Name: Beneath Baghdad
The days of pure
Are long gone
now I feel
the weight of the world
is on my shoulders

To forgive
and reconcile
is to start to heal
but mistrust
and malice fill
these barren streets

Bodies pulled
From piles of rubble and ash

frozen eyes
Witness horrors of the aftermath

the light within
that was shining through
has gotten so dim
frustration mounts
plagued by doubts
yet I won't give in

No one cares
Trapped by their own greed

false pretense
In the land of make believe

Terror reigns
the city's streets has tuned into

A battleground
For occupation and insurgency
let me be

rise above the pain
come my way
I'm waiting for my life
To begin

Violence erupts in these streets

Barrage of bullets
is so deafening

Got Under attack
as I was walking by

now I'm caught in the crossfire
there's nowhere to hide, bullets fly

This can’t be the end
as I lay and bleed
waiting for a life
that never came

The days of pure innocence
Are gone
I close my eyes
I’m sinking in
the noise fades

loss of life
I cannot take that this time it is me

is this my last breath?
I can feel a cold embrace
is this the end of me?
Is it all over?

From this world

Here comes sweet death
Beneath Baghdad
Forever I shall lay
in eternal oblivion

As if he was born to die, the dreamer is sent to an early grave,
faith disappears, and doubt becomes obsessive, How can I believe in a merciful God, when I’m surrounded by suffering?
Track Name: Diaspora
into exile

bloodshed will
Never end
Till there's nothing left
So I leave this burning town
The city of the dead

Into exile
I must go
In my Diaspora
I walk alone
There is no home for me

I buried him
My best friend
With my own hands

His Memories
And my Survivals guilt
is what I take with me, I take with me

Oppression from
From my past
Will grow but never fade

Now I leave them all behind
My friends and family
forgive me

Never to be
Heard of again
The traveler is gone
He’s out of this place
Track Name: Spew Vitriol
Spread like the plague
Live in a world
Infected by hate

Crimes against
And Torture chambers
the headlines today

And fear of the other
To justify their slaughter
Conditioned to be
Indifferent to suffering
A world epidemic
Is lack of empathy.

So take up your arms
No time for grief
Spew Vitriol
Until you choke
On your lies

Locking up
Years of abuse will create
Viscous enemies

Cycle of
Repeats itself
Injustice it breeds

Left alone in a dying land
My future looks so bleak
No end in sight to violence
In decades of darkness

As they fight their civil war
I fight my fears and anxiety
Track Name: King of the Ruins
What have I become?
And where have all the years gone?
I am losing all control

Defeated and left alone
No longer trying to make sense
of this madness
Drifting into nothing

of the ruins
a passing silhouette
of life
my crown of emptiness
as I haunt
this barren land

Holy hypocrites
Rule the failed state, an abandoned place
In these ruins I reign

The Stench of death that I breathe
Destruction that surrounds me
It begins to comfort me
It’s all familiar to me

In darkness I can trust
In chaos I will find
The only Stability
It will always be here

I pass by an old place
Where childhood memories
Of long gone friends
Come rushing back
Track Name: Abandon Reason
Shadow being
Someone’s there
Breathing down my neck

Heavy feeling
in my chest
Breaking out
in a cold sweat

I can hear
Your silent screams
I’m your only friend
In a conspiracy

I’ll take you to realm
Where the traveler is
Out of the ruins
Where the dreamer lives

Enter the realm
Rejecting the illusion of reality
enter the realm
beyond the fringe of sanity

noise inside my head
won't let me rest

Panic attack
Clouds my consciousness
Thought disorder
What a blinding mess

Into dementia
I Spiral down
My lucid nightmare
occurs every single night

they lie, they murder
In their sane world
Then they point and laugh at me
Like I’m the psychopath
I’ll build my wall
they'll never get to me
I’ll wipe that smirk
Right off your fucking face

There is no turning back now
The shadows are real

I dwell
Where my demons hide
They crawl inside my head

We are the lost
But we’re not the only ones

As we depart, we welcome newborn souls
Of innocence and war

Retreated within my shell of self-doubt, I watch the world burn
And I ask myself, What is it worth to be sane in a world of madness?